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WE lay offshore about a mile in the dark. The
current had freshened up, with the sun down, and I
noticed it running in. I could see the Morro. light
way down to the westward and the glow of Havana,
and the lights opposite us were Rincon and Baracoa*
I headed her up against the current until I was past
Bacuranao and nearly to Cojimar. Then I let her
drift down. It was plenty dark but I could tell good
where we were. I had all the lights out.
'What's it going to be, Harry?5 Eddy asked me.
He was beginning to be spooked again.
'What do you think?5
'I don't know/ he said. 'You've got me worried.1
He was pretty close to the shakes and when he
came near me he had a breath like a buzzard.
'What time is it?'
I'll go down and see/ he said. He came back up
and said it was half-past nine.
'Are you hungry?' I asked him.
'No,' he said. 'You know I couldn't eat, Harry.'
'All right,' I told him. 'You can have one.'
After he had it I asked him how he felt. He said
he felt fine.
Tm going to give you a couple more in a little
while,3 I told him. ĢI know you haven't got any