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cojones unless youVe got rum and there isn't much on
board, So you'd better go easy/
Tell me what's up,' said Eddy.
'Listen/ I said, talking to him in the dark. 'We're
going to Bacuranao and pick up twelve Chinks.
You take the wheel when I tell you to and do what I
tell you to* We'll take the twelve Chinks on board
and we'll lock them below forward. Go on forward
now and fasten the hatch from the outside/
He went up and I saw him shadowed against the
dark. He came back and he said, *Harry, can I
have one of those now?'
'No,' I said. *I want you rum-brave* I don't
want you useless/
Tm a good man. Harry. You'll sec.*
'You're a rummy,' I said, 'Listen. One Chink is
going to bring those twelve out. He's going to give
me some money at the start. When they're all on
board he's going to give me some more money,
When you see him start to hand me money the
second time you put her ahead and hook her up and
head her out to sea* Don't you pay any attention
to what happens* You keep her going out no matter
what happens, Do you understand?*
If any Chink starts bursting out of the cabin or
coming through the hatch, once we're out and under
way, you take that pump-gun and blow them back
as fast 'as they come out. Do you know how to use
the pump-gun?*