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'No. But you can show me.'
'You'd never remember. Do you know how to
use the Winchester?'
'Just pump the lever and shoot it.'
That's right/ I said. 'Only don't shoot any holes
in the hull/
'You'd better give me that other drink,' Eddy
'All right. I'll give you a little one/
I gave him a real one. I knew they wouldn't
make him drunk now; not pouring them into all
that fear. But each one would work for a little
while. After he drank this Eddy said, just as though
he was happy, 'So we're going to run Chinks.
Well, by God, I always said I'd run Chinamen if I
was ever broke'.
'But you never got broke before, eh?' I said to
him. He was funny all right.
I gave him three more drinks to keep him brave
before it was half-past ten. It was funny watching
him and it kept me from thinking about it myself.
I hadn't figured on all this wait. I'd planned to
leave after dark, run out, just out of the glare, and
coast along to Cojimar,
At a little before eleven I saw the two lights show
on the point. I waited a little while and then I took
her in slow. Bacuranao is a cove where there used
to be a big dock for loading sand. There is a little
river that comes in when the rains open the bar
across the mouth. The northers, in the winter, pile