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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'What's the matter with you?3
This is what I like to do,5 said Eddy. Tou say
you just pull it backward with your thumb?'
'You lousy rummy/ I told him. 'Give me a drink
out of that.'
'All gone/ said Eddy.  'Sorry, chief.'
'Listen. What you have to do now is watch when
'he hands me the money and put her ahead/
'O.K., chief/ said Eddy.
I reached up and took the other bottle and got the
corkscrew and drew the cork. I took a good drink
and went back to the stern, putting the cork in
tight and laying the bottle behind two wicker jugs
full of water.
'Here comes Mr. Sing/ I said to Eddy.
'Yes, sir/ said Eddy.
The boat came out sculling toward us.
He brought her astern and I let them do the
holding on. Mr, Sing had hold of the roller we had
across the stern to slide a big fish aboard.
'Let them come aboard/ I said, 'one at a time/
Six more assorted Chinks came on board over the
'Open up and show them forward/ I told Eddy.
'Yes, sir/ said Eddy.
'Lock the cabin/
'Yes, sir/
I saw he was at the wheel.
'All right, Mr. Sing/ I said* 'Let's see the rest
of it/