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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'What did you have against him?' Eddy asked me.
'Nothing,' I said. 'He was the easiest man to do
business with I ever met. I thought there must be
something wrong all the time.5
cWhat did you kill him for?*
'To keep from killing twelve other chinks/ I said.
'Harry/ he said, 'you've got to give me one
because I can feel them corning on. It made me
sick to see his head all loose like that/
So I gave him one.
'What about the Chinks?' Eddy said.
'I want to get them out as quick as I can/ I told
him. 'Before they smell up the cabin.'
'Where are you going to put them?'
'We'll run them right in to the long beach/ I told
'Take her in now?9
'Sure/ I said. 'Take her in slow/
We came in slow over the reef and to where I
could see the beach shine. There is plenty of water
over the reef and inside it's all sandy bottom and
slopes right into shore.
'Get up forward and give me the depth.'
He kept sounding with a grain pole, motioning
me on with the pole. He came back and motioned
me to stop, I came astern on her*
'You've got about five feet.'
'We've got to anchor/ I said. 'If anything
happens so we haven't time to get her up, we can
cut loose or break her oE'