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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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Eddy paid out rope and when finally she didn't
drag he made her fast. She swung stern in.
'It's sandy bottom, you know/ he said,
'How much water have we got at the stern?'
'Not over five feet.'
'You take the rifle/ I said. 'And be careful'
'Let me have one/ he said. He was plenty
I gave him one and took down the pump-gun.
I unlocked the cabin door, opened it, and said:
'Come on out.'
Nothing happened.
Then one Chink put his head out and saw Eddy
standing there with a rifle and ducked back.
'Come on out. Nobody's going to hurt you,' I
Nothing doing. Only lots of talk in Chink.
'Come on out, you!' Eddy said. My God, I
knew he'd had the bottle.
'Put that bottle away,' I said to him, 'or I'll blow
you out of the boat'
'Come on out,' I said to them, 'or I'll shoot in
at you.'
I saw one of them looking at the corner of the
door and he saw the beach evidently because he
begins to chatter.
'Come on,' I said, 'or I'll shoot.'
Out they came.
Now I tell you it would take a hell of a mean
man to butcher a bunch of Chinks like that and I'll