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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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He was mad and plenty brave. He said something
in Chink and the others started going into the water
off the stern.
'All right/ I said to Eddy.   'Get the anchor up.5
As we headed her out, the moon started to come
up, and you could see the Chinks with just their
heads out of water, walking ashore, and the shine of
the beach and the brush behind.
We got out past the reef and I looked back once
and saw the beach and the mountains starting to
show up; then I put her on her course for Key
'Now you can take a sleep,' I said to Eddy.
*No5 wait, go below and open all the ports to get
the stink out and bring me the iodine.3
'What's the matter?' he said when he brought it.
CI cut my finger.'-
'Do you want me to steer?*
'Get a sleep,' I said.  'I'll wake you up.'
He lay down on the built-in bunk in the cockpit,
over the gas tank, and in a little while he was