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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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I HELD the wheel with my knee and opened up
my shirt and saw where Mr. Sing bit me. It was
quite a bite and I put iodine on it, and then I sat
there steering and wondering whether a bite from a
Chinaman was poisonous, and listened to her
running nice and smooth and the water washing
along her, and I figured, Hell, no, that bite wasn't
poisonous, A man like that Mr. Sing probably
scrubbed his teeth two or three times a day. Some
Mr. Sing. He certainly wasn't much of a business
man. Maybe he was. Maybe he just trusted me.
I tell you I couldn't figure him.
Well, now it was all simple except for Eddy,
Because he's a rummy he'll talk when he gets hot
I sat there steering and I looked at him and I
thought, hell, he's as well off dead as the way he is,
and then I'm all clear. When I found he was on
board I decided I'd have to do away with him
but then when everything had come out so nice
I didn't have the heart. But looking at him lying
there it certainly was a temptation. But then I
thought there's no sense spoiling it by doing some*
thing you'd be sorry for afterwards. Then I started
to think he wasn't even on the crew list and I'd
have to pay a fine for bringing him in and I didn't
know how to consider him.