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HARRY   M O R G A N - 8 P R I N G
Well, I had plenty of time to think about it and
I held her on her course and every once in a while
I'd take a drink out of the bottle he'd brought on
board. There wasn't much in it, and when I'd
finished it, I opened up the only one I had left,
and I tell you I felt pretty good steering, and it was
a pretty night to cross. It had turned out a good
trip all right, finally, even though it had looked
plenty bad plenty of times.
When it got daylight Eddy woke up. Ho said
he felt terrible.
'Take the wheel a minute,' I told him. 'I want
to look around.'
I went back to the stern and threw a little water
on her. But she was perfectly clean. I scrubbed thr
brush over the side. I unloaded the guns and stowed
them below. But I still kept the gun on my belt.
It was fresh and nice as you want it below, no smell
at all. A little water had come in through the star-
board port on to one of the bunks was all; so I shut
the ports. There wasn't a custom house officer in
the world could smell Chink in her now.
I saw the clearance papers in the net bag hanging
up under her framed licence where Fd shoved them
when I came on board and I took them out to look
them over. Then I went up to the cockpit.
'Listen/ I said. 'How did you get on the crew
*I met the broker when he was leaving for the
consulate and told him I was going.'
E                                 65