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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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*God looks after rummies/ I told him and I took
the thirty-eight off and stowed it down below.
I made some coffee down below and then I came
up and took the wheel.
There's coffee below/ I told him.
'Brother, coffee wouldn't do me any good.'
You know you had to be sorry for him. He cer-
tainly looked bad*
About nine o'clock we saw the Sand Key light
just about dead ahead. We'd seen tankers going up
the Gulf for quite a while.
'We'll be in in a couple of hours now/ I said to
him. 'I'm going to give you the same four dollars a
day just as if Johnson had paid.'
cHow much did you get out of last night?' he
asked me.
'Only six hundred/ I told him.
I don't know whether he believed me or not,
'Don't I share in it?'
That's your share/ I told him, 'What I just told
you, and if you ever open your mouth about last
night Pll hear of it and I'll do away with you.*
'You know I'm no squealer, Harry/
'You're a rummy. But no matter how rum dumb
you get, if you ever talk about that, I promise you/
Tm a good man/ he said. 'You oughtn't to talk
to me like that'
They can't make it fast enough to keep you a
good man/ I told him. But I didn't worry about
him any more because who was going to believe