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him? Mr. Sing wouldn't make any complaints.
The Chinks weren't going to. You know the boy
that sculled them out wasn't. He wouldn't want to
get himself in trouble. Eddy would mouth about it
sooner or later, maybe, but who believes a rummy?
Why, who could prove anything? Naturally it
would have made plenty more talk when they saw
his name on the crew list. That was luck for me, all
right. I could have said he fell overboard, but it
makes plenty talk. Plenty of luck for Eddy, too.
Plenty of luck, all right.
Then we came to the edge of the stream and the
water quit being blue and was light and greenish
and inside I could see the stakes on the Eastern
and the Western Dry Rocks and the wireless masts
at Key West and the La Concha hotel up high out
of all the low houses and plenty smoke from out
where they're burning garbage. Sand Key light
was plenty close now and you could see the boat-
house and the little dock alongside the light and I
knew we were only forty minutes away now and I
felt good to be getting back and I had a good stake
now for the summertime.
'What do you say about a drink, Eddy?' I said
to him.
cAh, Harry,' he said, *I always knew you were
my pal.'
That night I was sitting in the living-room
smoking a cigar and drinking a whisky and water
and listening to Gracie Allen on the radio. The girls