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had gone to the show and sitting there I felt sleepy
and I felt good. There was somebody at the front
door and Marie, my wife, got up from where she
was sitting and went to it. She came back and said,
'It's that rummy, Eddie Marshall. He says he's got
to see you.'

Tell him to get out before I rim him out/ I told

She came back in and sat down and looking out
the window where I was sitting with my feet up I
could see Eddy going along the road under the arc
light with another rummy he'd picked up, the two
of them swaying, and their shadows from the arc
light swaying worse.

Toor goddamned rummies/ Marie said. CI pity
a rummy.5

'He's a lucky rummy/

There ain't any lucky rummies/ Marie said.
'You know that, Harry/

'No/ I said. 'I guess there aren't/