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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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THEY came on across in the night and it blew a
big breeze from the north-west. When the sun was
up he sighted a tanker coming down the Gulf
and she stood up so high and white with the sun on
her in that cold air it looked like tall buildings rising
out of the sea and he said to the nigger,'Where the
hell are we?*
The nigger raised himself up to look.
cAin't nothing like that this side of Miami/
'You know damn well we ain't been carried up
to no Miami/ he told the nigger.
'All I say ain't no buildings like that on no
Florida Keys/
'We've been steering for Sand Key.5
'We got to see it then. It or American shoals/
Then in a little while he saw it was tanker and not
buildings and then in less than an hour he saw
Sand Key light, straight, thin and brown, rising
out of the sea right where it ought to be.
'You got to have confidence steering/ he told the
'I got confidence/ the nigger said, 'But the way
this trip gone I ain't got confidence no more/
'How's your leg?'
'It hurts me all the time/
'It ain't nothing/ the man said. 'You keep it
clean and wrapped up and it'll heal by its-self/