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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'You treat a man no better than a dog/ the nigger
said. He was getting ugly now. But the man was
still sorry for him.
Tm going to make you comfortable, Wesley/ he
said. 'You lay quiet now.'
'You don't care what happens to a man/ the
nigger said. Tou ain't hardly human.'
Tm going to fix you up good/ the man said.
'You just lay quiet.'
'You ain't going to fix me up/ the nigger said.
The man, whose name was Harry Morgan, said
nothing then because he liked the nigger and there
was nothing to do now but hit him, and he couldn't
hit him. The nigger kept on talking.
'Why didn't we stop when they started shooting?'
The man did not answer.
'Ain't a man's life worth more than a load of
The man was intent on his steering.
'All we have to do is to stop and let them take*
the liquor/
'No/ the man said. 'They take the liquor and
the boat and you go to jail/
'I don't mind jail/ the nigger said. 'But I never
wanted to get shot.'
He was getting on the man's nerves now and the
man was becoming tired of hearing him talk.
'Who the hell's shot worse?' he asked him. 'You
or me?'
'You're shot worse/ the nigger said. 'But I ain't