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never been shot. I didn't figure to get shot. I ain't
paid to get shot. I don't want to be shot.9
'Take it easy, Wesley/ the man told him. clt
don't do you any good to talk like that.'
They were coming up on the Key now. They
were inside the shoals and as he headed her into the
channel it was hard to see with the sun on the water.
The nigger was going out of his head, or becoming
religious because he was hurt; anyway he was
talking all the time.
eWhy they run liquor now?' he said. 'Prohibi-
tion's over. Why they keep up a traffic like that?
Whyn't they bring the liquor in on the ferry?'
The man steering was watching the channel
'Why don't people be honest and decent and make
a decent honest living?'
The man saw where the water was rippling
smooth off the bank even when he could not see the
bank in the sun and he turned her off. He swung her
around, spinning the wheel with one arm, and then
the channel opened out and he took her slowly right
up to the edge of the mangroves. He came astern on
the engines and threw out the two clutches.
*I can put an anchor down/ he said. *But I
can't get no anchor up.9
CI can't even move/ the nigger said.
You're certainly in a hell of a shape/ the man
told him.
He had a difficult time breaking out, lifting, and