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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'I guess we won't have coffee,5 he said.
'I want some water.'
'All right.'
He gave the negro a cup of water out of a demi-
'Why you want to keep on running for when they
started to shoot?5
cWhy they want to shoot?' the man answered.
'I want a doctor,' the nigger told him,
'What's a doctor going to do that I ain't done for
'Doctor going to cure me/
'You'll have a doctor to-night when the boat
comes out.'
'I don't want to wait for no boat.'
'All right/ the man said. 'We're going to dump
this liquor now.'
He started to dump it and it was hard work one
handed. A sack of liquor only weighs forty pounds
but he had not dumped very many of them before he
became dizzy again. He sat down in the cockpit and
then he lay down.
'You going to kill youself/ the nigger said*
The man lay quietly in the cockpit with his head
against one of the sacks. The branches of the man-
groves had come into the cockpit and they made a
shadow over him where he lay. He could hear the
wind above the mangroves and looking out at the
high, cold sky, see the thin-blown clouds of the