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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'I can't make a bend in the elbow,' the man said.
It stiffened that way.'
'What we going to do?'
Tump this liquor/ the man told him. 'Can't you
put over what you can reach, Wesley?'
The nigger tried to move to reach a sack, then
groaned and lay back.
'Do you hurt that bad, Wesley?'
cOh, God,5 the nigger said.
'You don't think once you moved it, it wouldn't
hurt so bad?'
Tm shot,' the nigger said. 'I ain't going to move.
The man wants me to go to dumpin' liquor when
I'm shot.'
Take it easy.5
'You say that once more I go crazy.'
Take it easy,' the man said quietly.
The nigger made a howling noise and, shuffling
with his hands on the deck, picked up the whetstone
from under the coaming.
Til kill you,' he said. Til cut your heart out'
'Not with no whetstone,' the man said. Take it
easy, Wesley.'
The nigger blubbered with his face against a sack.
The man went on slowly lifting the sacked packages
of liquor and dropping them over the side.