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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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WHILE he was dumping the liquor he heard the
sound of a motor and looking, saw a boat headed
toward them, coming down the channel around the
end of the Key. It was a white boat with a buff
painted house and a windshield.
'Boat coming/ he said. 'Come on, Wesley.5
'I can't/
Tm remembering from now on,5 the man said.
'Before was different.'
'Go ahead and remember,5 the nigger told him.
'I ain't forgot nothing either.'
Working fast now, the sweat running down his
face, not stopping to watch the boat coming slowly
down the channel, the man picked up the sacked
packages of liquor with his good arm and dropped
them over the side.
'Roll over,' he reached for the package under
the nigger's head and swung it over the side. The
nigger sat up.
'Here they are,' he said. The boat was almost
abeam of them.
'It's Captain Willie,' the nigger said. 'Withaparty.'
In the stern of the white boat two men in flannels
and white cloth hats sat in fishing chairs trolling and
an old man in a felt hat and a windbreaker held the
tiller and steered the boat close past the mangroves
where the booze boat lay.