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'What do you say, Harry?5 the old man called
as he passed. The man called Harry waved his good
arm in reply. The boat went on past, the two men
who were fishing looking towards the booze boat and
talking to the old man. Harry could not hear what
they were saying.
'He'll make a turn at the mouth and come back,'
Harry said to the negro. He went below and came
up with a blanket. 'Let me cover you up.'
"Bout time you cover me up. They couldn't help
but see that liquor. What we goin' to do?'
'Willie's a good skate/ the man said, 'He'll tell
them in town we're out here. Those fellows fishing
ain't going to bother us. What they care about us?'
He felt very shaky now and he sat down on the
steering seat and held his right arm tight between his
thighs. His knees were shaking and with the shaking
he could feel the ends of the bone in his upper arm
grate. He opened his knees, lifted his arm out, and
let it hang by his side. He was sitting there, his arm
hanging, when the boat passed them coming back
up the channel. The two men in the fishing chairs
were talking. They had put up their rods and one of
them was looking at him through a pair of glasses.
They were too far out for him to hear what they
were saying. It would not have helped him if he had*
On board the charter boat South Florida^ trolling
down the Woman Key channel, because it was too
rough to go out to the reef, Captain Willie Adams
was thinking, so Harry crossed last night, That boy's