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the other man said, handing the glasses to his com-
*I can see that without glasses/ the man addressed
as Doctor said. 'Who is that man?'
'I wouldn't know,' said Captain Willie.
'Well, you will know,' the man with the con-
temptuous mouth said. 'Write down the numbers
on the bow.'
'I have them, Doctor.*
'We'll go over and have a look,' the Doctor said.
'Are you a doctor?' Captain Willie asked.
'Not of medicine,' the grey-eyed man told him.
If you're not a medical doctor I wouldn't go over
'Why not?'
'If he wanted us he would have signalled us. If
he don't want us it's none of our business. Down
here everybody aims to mind their own business/
'All right. Suppose you mind yours then. Take us
over to that boat.'
Captain Willie continued on his way up the chan-
nel, the two-cylinder Palmer coughing steadily.
'Didn't you hear me?'
'Yes, sir.'
'Why don't you obey my order?'
'Who the hell you think you are?' asked Captain
'That's not the question. Do as I tell you?*
'Who do you think you are?'
CA11 right. For your information, Pm one of the