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three most important men in the United State*
'What the hell you doing in Key West, then?
The other man leaned forward. 'He's Frederick
Harrison/ he said impressively*
'I never heard of him,' said Captain Willie.
'Well, you will/ said Frederick Harrison. 'And
so will everyone in this stinking jerkwater little
town if I have to grub it out by the roots.'
'You're a nice fellow,' said Captain Willie, 'How
did you get so important?'
'He's one of the biggest men in the admmLstra*
tion/ said the other man.
'Nuts/ said Captain Willie. 'If he's all that what1!
he doing in Key West?'
'He's just here for a rest/ the secretary explained,
'He's going to be governor-general of-----*
'That's enough, Willis/ Frederick Harrison said,
'Now will you take us over to that boat/ he said
smiling. He had a smile which was reserved for such
'No, sir/
'Listen, you half-witted fisherman. Fll make life
so miserable for you-----~
'Yes/ said Captain Willie.
'You don't know who I am/
'None of it don't mean anything to me/ said
Captain Willie.
'That man is a bootlegger, isn't he?*
'What doyou think?*