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'There's probably a reward for him.'
'I doubt that.'
'He's a lawbreaker.'
'He's got a family and he's got to eat and feed
them. Who die hell do you eat off of with people
working here in Key West for the government foi
six dollars and a half a week?'
'He's wounded. That means he's been in trouble.'
'Unless he shot hisself for fun.'
'You can save that sarcasm. You're going over to
that boat and we're going to take that man and that
boat into custody.'
'Into where?'
'Into Key West/
'Are you an officer?'
'I've told you who he is,' the secretary said.
'All right/ said Captain Willie. He pushed the
tiller hard over and turned the boat, coming so close
to the edge of the channel that the propeller threw
up a circling cloud of marl. He chugged down the
channel toward where the other boat lay against the
'Have you a gun aboard?' Frederick Harrison
asked Captain Willie.
'No, sir.'
The two men in flannels were standing up now
watching the booze boat.
'This is better fun than fishing, eh, Doctor?' the
secretary said.
Tishing is nonsense,5 said Frederick Harrison, *If