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you catch a sailfish what do you do with it? You
can't cat it This is really interesting. I'm glad to see
this at first hand. Wounded as he is that man can-
not escape. It's too rough at sea. We know his boat.'
'You're really capturing him single-handed,' said
the secretary admiringly.
'And unarmed, too/ said Frederick Harrison.
'With no G men nonsense,' said the secretary.
'Edgar Hoover exaggerates his publicity/ said
Frederick Harrison, 'I feel we've given him about
enough rope. Pull alongside,' he said to Captain
Willie. Captain Willie threw out his clutch and the
boat drifted.
'Hey/ Captain Willie called to the other boat.
'Keep your heads down.'
'What's that?' Harrison said angrily.
'Shut up/ said Captain Willie. 'Hey/ he called
over to the other boat. 'Listen. Get on into town
and take it easy. Never mind the boat. They'll take
the boat Dump your load and get into town, I got
a guy here on board some kind of a stool from Wash-
ington. More important than the President, he says.
He wants to pinch you. He thinks you're a boot-
legger. He's got the numbers of the boat, I ain't
never seen you so I don't know who you are. I
couldn't identify you-----*
The boats had drifted apart. Captain Willie went
on shouting, *J don't know where this place is where
I seen you. I wouldn't know how to get back here.'
'O.K./ came a shout from the booze boat.