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Tm taking this big alphabet man fishing until
dark,' Captain Willie shouted.
'He loves to fish,' Captain Willie yelled, his voice
almost breaking. 'But the son of a bitch claims you
can't eat 'em.'
Thanks, brother,' came the voice of Harry.
That chap your brother?' asked Frederick Har-
rison, his face very red but his love for information
still unappeased.
'No, sir,' said Captain Willie. 'Most everybody
goes in boats calls each other brother.'
'We'll go into Key West,' Frederick Harrison
said; but he said it without great conviction.
'No, sir,' said Captain Willie. 'You gentlemen
chartered me for a day. I'm going to see you get
your money's worth. You called me a halfwit but
I'll see you get a full day's charter.'
'Take us to Key West,' Harrison said.
'Yes, sir,' said Captain Willie. 'Later on. But
listen, sailfish is just as good eating as kingfish. When
we used to sell them to Rios for the Havana market
we got ten cents a pound same as kings,5
'Oh, shut up,' said Frederick Harrison.
I thought you'd be interested in these things as a
government man. Ain't you mixed up in the prices
of things that we eat or something? Ain't that it?
Making them more costly or something. Making the
grits cost more and the grunts less?*
cOh, shut up,* said Harrison.