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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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I hope they can fix my arm* How was I to know
they'd shoot at us in Mariel after we could go and
come there open for six months. That's Cubans for
you. Somebody didn't pay somebody so we got the
shooting. That's Cubans all right.
'Hey, Wesley,' he said, looking back into the
cockpit where the nigger lay with the blanket over
him. 'How you feeling?'
'God/ said Wesley. 'I couldn't feel no worse.'
'You'll feel worse when the old doctor probes for
it,* Harry told him.
'You ain't human,' the nigger said* 'You ain't
got human feelings.'
That old Willie is a good skate, Harry was think-
ing. There's a good skate that old Willie. We did
better to come in than to wait. It was foolish to wait.
I felt so dizzy and sicklike I lost my judgment.
Ahead now he could see the white of the La
Concha hotel, the wireless masts, and the houses of
town. He could see the car ferries lying at the
Trumbo dock where he would go around to head up
for the Garrison Bight. That old Willie, he thought.
He was giving them hell. Wonder who those buz-
zards were. Damn if I don't feel plenty bad right
now. I feel plenty dizzy. We did right to come in.
We did right not to wait.
'Mr. Harry/ said the nigger, Tm sorry I couldn't
help dump that stuff.'
'Hell,' said Harry, 'ain't no nigger any good
when he's shot. You're a all right nigger, Wesley.*