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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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Albert Speaking
WE were all in there at Freddy's place and this tall
thin lawyer comes in and says, 'Where's Juan?'
'He ain't back yet/ somebody said.
'I know he's back and I've got to see him/
'Sure, you tipped them off to him and you got
him indicted and now you're going to defend him/
Harry said. 'Don't you come around here asking
where he is. You probably got him in your pocket/
'Balls to you,' said the lawyer. 'I've got a job
for him/
'Well, go look for him some place else,' Harry
said. 'He ain't here.'
'I've got a job for him, I tell you/ the lawyer said.
'You ain't got a job for anybody* All you are is
Just then the old man with the long grey hair over
the back of his collar who sells the rubber goods
specialties comes in for a quarter of a pint and
Freddy pours it out for him and he corks it up and
scuttles back across the street with it*
'What happened to your arm?' the lawyer asked
Harry. Harry had the sleeve pinned up to the
'I didn't like the look of it so I cut it off/ Harry
told him,