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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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*You and who else cut it off?*
'Me and a doctor cut it off/ Harry said. He had
been drinking and he was getting a little along with
it 'I held still and he cut it off. If they cut them off
for being in other people's pockets you wouldn't
have no hands nor no feet.'
'What happened to it that they had to cut it off?'
the lawyer asked him.
Take it easy/ Harry told him.
'No, I'm asking you. What happened to it and
where were you?'
'Go bother somebody else,' Harry told him. 'You
know where I was and you know what happened.
Keep your mouth shut and don't bother me.'
'I want to talk to you,' the lawyer told him.
'Then talk to me.'
'No, in back.'
'I don't want to talk to you. No good ever comes
of you. You're poison.'
'I've got something for you. Something good,'
'All right. I'll listen to you once/ Harry told him,
'What's it about? Juan?'
'No. Not about Juan.'
They went back behind the bend of the bar into
where the booths are and they were gone quite a
while. During the time they were gone Big Lucie's
daughter came in with that girl from their place that
she's always around with, and they sat at the bar and
had a coca-cola.
They tell me they ain't going to let no girls out