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on the streets after six o'clock at night and no girls
in any of the places,' Freddy says to Big Lucie's
That's what they say.'
'It's getting to be a hell of a town,5 Freddy says,
'Hell of a town is right. You just walk outside to
get a sandwich and a coca-cola and they arrest you
and fine you fifteen dollars.'
'That's all they pick on now,' says Big Lucie's
daughter. 'Any kind of sporting people. Anybody
with any sort of a cheerful outlook'
'If something don't happen to this town pretty
quick things are going to be bad/
Just then Harry and the lawyer came back out and
the lawyer said, 'You'll be out there then?'
'Why not bring them here?'
'No. They don't want to come in. Out there/
'All right,' Harry said and stepped up to the bar
and the lawyer went on out.
'What will you have, Al?' he asked me.
'Give us two bacardis, Freddy/ Then he turned
to me and said, 'What are you doing now, Al?'
'Working on the relief/
'What doing?'
'Digging the sewer. Taking the old streetcar rails
'What do you get?'
'Seven and a half.'
'A week?'