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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'What did you think?'
'How do you drink in here?*
CI wasn't till you asked me/ I told him. He edged
over a little towards me. 'You want to make a trip?5
'Depends on what it is.5
'We'll talk about that/
'All right.9
'Come on out in the car/ he said. 'So long,
Freddy/ He breathed a little fast the way he did
when he's been drinking and I walked up along
where the street had been tore up, where we'd been
working all day, to the corner where his car was.
'Get in/ he said.
'Where are we going?' I asked him.
'I don't know/ he said. Tm going to find out.'
We drove up Whitehead Street and he didn't say
anything and at the head of the street he turned to
the left and we drove across the head of town to
White Street and out on it to the beach* All the
time Harry didn't say anything and we turned on to
the sand road and drove along it to the boulevard.
Out on the boulevard he pulled the car over to the
edge of the sidewalk and stopped,
'Some strangers want to charter my boat to make
a trip/ he said.
'The customs got your boat tied up.'
'The strangers don't know that/
'What kind of a trip?'
'They say they want to carry somebody over that
has to go to Cuba to do some business and can't