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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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come in by the plane or boat. Bee-lips was telling
'Do they do that?'
'Sure. All the time since the revolution. It sounds
all right. Plenty of people go that way.3
'What about the boat.'
'We'll have to steal the boat. You know they ain't
got her fixed so I can't start her.'
'How you going to get her out of the sub-base?'
Til get her out.'
'How'rc we coming back?'
Til have to figure that. If you don't want to go,
say so.'
Td just as soon go if there's any money in it.*
'Listen,* he said. 'You're making seven dollars
and a half a week. You got three kids in school that
are hungry at noon. You got a family that their
bellies hurt and I give you a chance to make a little
'You ain't said how much money. You got to
have money for taking chances.'
'There ain't much money in any kind of chances
now, Al/ he said. 'Look at me. I used to make
thirty-five dollars a day right through the season
taking people out fishing. Now I get shot and lose 201
arm, and my boat, running a lousy load of liquor
that's worth hardly as much as my boat. But let me
tell you, my kids ain't going to have their bellies hurt
and I ain't going to dig sewers for the government
for less money than will feed them. I can't dig now
G                                  97