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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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anyway. I don't know who made the laws but I
know there ain't no law that you got to go hungry.'
'I went out on strike against those wages/ I told
'And you come back to work,' he said. 'They said
you were striking against charity. You always
worked, didn't you? You never asked anybody for
There ain't any work,' I said. 'There ain't any
work at living wages anywhere.'
'I don't know.'
'Neither do I,' he said. 'But my family is going
to eat as long as anybody eats. What they're trying
to do is starve you Gonchs out of here so they can
burn down the shacks and put up apartments and
make th> a tourist town. That's what I hear. I hear
they're buying up lots, and then after the poor
people are starved out and gone somewhere else to
starve some more they're going to come in and make
it into a beauty spot for tourists.'
'You talk like a radical,' I said.
*I ain't no radical/ he said. Tmsore, I been sore
a long time/
'Losing your arm don't make you feel better/
'The hell with my arm. You lose an arm you lose
an arm. There's worse things than lose an arm.
You've got two arms and you've got two of some-
thing else. And a man's still a man with one arm or
with one of those. The hell with it,' he says. 'I