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don't want to talk about it.5 Then after a minute
he says, CI got those other two still.' Then he started
the car and said, 'Come on, we'll go see these
We rode along the boulevard with the breeze
blowing and a few cars going past and the smell of
dead sea grass on the cement where the waves had
gone over the seawall at high tide, Harry driving
with his left arm. I always liked him all right and
Fd gone in a boat with him plenty of times in the
old days, but he was changed now since he lost his
arm and that fellow down visiting from Washington
made an affidavit that he saw the boat unloading
liquor that time, and the customs seized her. When
he was in a boat he always felt good and without his
boat he felt plenty bad. I think he was glad of an
excuse to steal her. He knew he couldn't keep her
but maybe he could make a piece of money with her
while he had her. I needed money bad enough but
I didn't want to get in any trouble. I said to him,
'You know I don't want to get in any real trouble,
'What worse trouble you going to get in than
you're in now?' he said. 'What the hell worse
trouble is there than starving?'
Tm not starving,9 I said. 'What the hell you
always talking about starving for?'
'Maybe you're not, but your kids are.'
'Cut it out,' I said. Til work with you but you
can't talk that way to me.'