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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'All right/ he said. 'But be sure you want the
job. I can get plenty of men in this town/
CI want it," I said. 1 told you I want it.'
Then cheer up.5
'You cheer up,31 said. 'You're the only one that's
talking like a radical/
*Aw, cheer up,' he said. 'None of you Conchs has
any guts,'
'Since when ain't you a Conch?*
'Since the first good meal I ever ate.' He was
mean talking now, all right, and since he was a boy
he never had no pity for nobody. But he never had
no pity for himself either.
'All right/ I said to him.
Take it easy,' he said. Ahead of us I could sec the
lights of this place.
'We're going to meet them here,' Harry said.
'Keep your mouth buttoned up.'
The hell with you.'
'Aw, take it easy,' Harry said as we turned into
the runway and drove around to the back of the
place. He was a bully and he was bad spoken but I
always liked him all right.
We stopped the car in back of this place and went
into the kitchen where the man's wife was cooking
at a stove. 'HellOi Freda/ Harry said to her.
•Where's Bee-lips?'
'He's right in there, Harry. Hello, Albert*
"Hello, Miss Richards/ I said. I knew her ever
since she used to be in jungle town, but two or three