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of the hardest working married women in town used
to be sporting women and this was a hard working
woman, I tell you that. Tour folks all well?* she
asked me.
They're all fine.9
We went on through the kitchen and into this back
room. There was Bee-lips the lawyer, and four
Cubans with him, sitting at a table.
'Sit down,' said one of them in English. He was a
tough looking fellow, heavy, with a big face and a
voice deep in his throat, and he had been drinking
plenty you could see. 'What's your name?5
'What's yours?' said Harry.
'All right,' said this Cuban. 'Have it your own
way. Where's the boat?'
'She's down at the yacht basin,5 Harry said.
'Who's this?' the Cuban asked him, looking at me*
'My mate,' Harry said. The Cuban was looking
me over and the other Cubans were looking us both
over. 'He looks hungry/ the Cuban said and
laughed. The others didn't laugh. 'You want a
'All right,' Harry said.
'What? Bacardi?'
'Whatever you're drinking/ Harry tdld him.
'Does your mate drink?'
Til have one/ I said.
'Nobody asked you yet/ the big Cuban said* 'I
just asked if you drank.'
*Oh, cut it out, Roberto/ one of the other Cubans,