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a young one, not much more than a kid, said. 'Can't
you do anything without getting nasty?5
'What do you mean nasty? I just asked if he
drinks. If you hire somebody don't you ask if he
'Give him a drink/ said the other Cuban. 'Let's
talk business/
'What you want for the boat, big boy?* the deep-
voiced Cuban called Roberto asked Harry.
'Depends on what you want to do with her,*
Harry said.
'Take the four of us to Cuba.'
'Where in Cuba?*
'Cabanas. Close to Cabanas. Down the coast
from Mariel. You know where it is?'
'Sure/ said Harry. 'Just take you there?1
'That's all. Take us there and put us ashore/
'Three hundred dollars/
'Too much. What if we charter you by the day
and guarantee you two weeks' charter?*
'Forty dollars a day and you put up fifteen hun-
dred dollars for if anything happens to the boat. Do
I have to clear it?'
*Vou pay for the gas and oil,' Harry told them.
'We'll give you two hundred dollars to take us
over\there and put us ashore.*
'Hcj>w much do you want?'