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'That's too much/
'No, it isn't/ Harry told him. CI don't know who
you are. I don't know what your business is and I
don't know who shoots at you. I got to cross the
Gulf twice in the winter time. Anyway I'm risking
my boat. I'll carry you for two hundred and you
can put up a thousand for a guarantee nothing
happens to the boat.'
That's reasonable,' Bee-lips told them. That's
more than reasonable.'
The Cubans started talking in Spanish. I couldn't
understand them but I knew Harry could.
'All right/ the big one, Roberto, said. 'When can
you start?*
'Any time to-morrow night.'
'Maybe we don't want to go until the night after/
one of them said.
That's O.K. with me/ Harry said. 'Only let me
know in time.'
'Is your boat in good shape?'
'Sure/ said Harry.
'She is a nice looking boat/ the young one of them
'Where did you see her?'
'Mr. Simmons, the lawyer here, showed her to me.'
'Oh/ said Harry,
'Have a drink/ said another of the Cubans. 'Have
you been to Cuba much?'
'A few times,5
'Speak Spanish?'