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'I never learned it,* Harry said.
I saw Bee-lips the lawyer look at him, but he is
so crooked himself that he's always more pleased if
people aren't telling the truth. Just like when he
came in to speak to Harry about this job he couldn't
speak to him straight. He had to pretend he wanted
to see Juan Rodriguez, who is a poor stinking galle-
go that would steal from his own mother that Bee-
lips has got indicted again so he can defend him.
'Mr. Simmons speaks good Spanish,' the Cuban
'He's got an education/
'Can you navigate?*
'I can go and I can come,'
'You're a fisherman?'
'Yes, sir,' said Harry.
'How do you fish with one arm?' the big faced one
'You just fish twice as fast,' Harry told him- 'Did
you want to see me about anything else?'
They were all talking Spanish together. 'Then
1*11 go/ said Harry.
Til let you know about the boat/ Bee-lips told
'There's some money got to be put up/ Harry said.
'We'll do that to-morrow.'
'Well, good night/ Harry told them.
'Good night/ said the young pleasant speaking
one. The big fkced one didn't say anything. There