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were two others with faces like Indians that hadn't
said anything at all any of the time except to talk in
Spanish to the big faced one.
Til see you later on,' Bee-lips said.
'At Freddy's.'
We went out and through the kitchen again and
Freda said, 'How's Marie, Harry?'
'She's fine now,3 Harry told her. 'She's feeling
good now,' and we went out the door. We got in the
car and he drove back to the boulevard and didn't
say anything at all He was thinking about some-
thing all right.
'Should I drop you home?'
CA11 right.'
'You live out on the county road now?'
*Yes. What about the trip?'
ĢI don't know,' he said. 'I don't know whether
there's going to be any trip. See you to-morrow.'
He drops me in front of where we live and I go
on in and I haven't got the door open before my old
woman is giving me hell for staying out and drinking
and being late to the meal. I ask her how I can drink
with no money and she says I must be running a
credit. I ask her who she thinks will give me credit
when I'm working on the relief and she says to keep
my rummy breath away from her and sit down to
the table. So I sit down. The kids are all gone to see
the baseball game and I sit there at the table and
she brings the supper and won't speak to me.