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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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I DON'T want to fool with it but what choice have
I got? They don't give you any choice now. I can
let it go; but what will the next thing be? I didn't
ask for any of this and if you've got to do it you've
got to do it. Probably I shouldn't take Albert He's
soft but he's straight and he's a good man in a boat.
He doesn't spook too easy but I don't know whether
I ought to take him. But I can't take no rummy nor
no nigger* I got to have somebody I can depend on.
If we make it Pll see he gets a share. But I can't tell
him or he wouldn't go into it and I got to have
somebody by me* It would be better alone, any-
thing is better alone but I don't think I can handle it
alone. It would be much better alone. Albert is
better off if he don't know anything about it. The
only thing is Bee-lips.  There's Bee-lips that will
know about everything. Still they must have thought
about that They must figure on that Do you sup-
pose Bee-lips is so dumb he won't know that's what
they will do? I wonder. Of course maybe that isn't
what they figure to do. Maybe they aren't going to
do any such thing. But it's natural that's what they
would do and I heard that word. If they do it they'll
have to do it just when it closes or they'll have the