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IT was about nine-thirty when Bee-lips came into
the place* You could see they had given him plenty
out at Richard's because when he drinks it makes
him cocky and he came in plenty cocky.
'Well, big shot/ he says to Harry.
'Don't big shot me,' Harry told him.
'I want to talk to you, big shot/
'Where? Back in your office?' Harry asked him.
'Yes, back there. Anybody back there, Freddy?'
'Not since that law. Say, how long are they going
to have that six o'clock business?'
'Why don't you retain me to do something about
it?' Bee-lips says.
'Retain you hell,' Freddy tells him. And the two
of them go back there where the booths and the
cases with the empty bottles are.
There was one electric light on in the ceiling and
Harry looked in all the booths where it was dark
and saw there was no one*
'Well?'he said.
'They want it for late day after to-morrow after-
noon/ Bee-lips told him.
'What they going to do?'
'You speak Spanish/ Bee-lips said.
'You didn't tell them that though?'