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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'No. I'm your pal. You know that.'

'You'd rat on your own mother.5

'Cut it out. Look at what I'm letting you in on/

'When did you get tough?'

'Listen, I need the money. I've got to get out of
here. I'm all washed up here. You know that,

'Who don't know that?'

'You know how they've been financing this
revolution with kidnapping and the rest of it.'

'I know.'

This is the same sort of thing. They're doing it
for a good cause.'

'Yeah. But this is here. This is where you were
born. You know everybody works there.'

'Nothing's going to happen to anybody.'

*With those guys?'

'I thought you had cojones.'

'I got cojones. Don't you worry about my cojones.
But I'm figuring on keeping on living here,'

Tm not,' Bee-lips said.

Jesus, thought Harry, He's said it himself.

Tm going to get out,' Bee-lips said. 'When are
you going to get the boat out?'


'Who's going to help you?'


'Where you going to put her?'

'Where I always put her/