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There was nothing difficult about getting the boat
out. It was as simple as Harry had figured it. The
night watchman made his rounds on the hour and
the rest of the time he was at the outer gate of the old
Navy Yard. They came into the basin in a skiff, cut
her loose on the ebb tide and she went out herself
with the skiff towing her. Outside, while she drifted
in the channel, Harry checked the motors and found
all they had done was disconnect the distributor
heads. He checked the gas and found she had close
to a hundred and fifty gallons. They hadn't
syphoned any out of the tanks and she had what he
had left coming across that last time. He had filled
her up before they started and she had burned very
little because they had to come across so slow in the
heavy seas.
Tve got gas at the house in the tank,5 he told
Bee-lips. *I can take one load of demijohns out with
me in the car and Albert can bring another if we
need it. I'm going to put her up in the creek right
where it crosses the road. They can come out in a
'They wanted you to be right at the Porter Dock.*
'How can I lay there with this boat?'
Tou can't. But I don't think they'll want to do
any car driving.'
'Well, we'll put her there to-night and I can fill
and do what needs to be done and then shift her.
You can hire a speed boat to bring them out. I got
to put her up there now. I got plenty to do. You