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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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WHEN he came in the house he did not turn on the
light but took off his shoes in the hall and went up
the bare stairs in his stocking feet. He undressed
and got into bed wearing only his undershirt, before
his wife woke. In the dark she said, 'Harry?5 and he
said, 'Go to sleep, old woman',
'Harry, what's the matter?5
'Going to make a trip.9
<Who with?5
'Nobody. Albert maybe.5
'Whose boat?5
'I got the boat again.5
'You'll go to jail, Harry.'
'Nobody knows I've got her.'
'Where is she?'
Lying still in the bed he felt her lips on his face
and searching for him and then her hand on him
and he rolled over against her close.
'Do you want to?'
'Yes. Now.'
'I was asleep. Da you remember when we'd do it
'Listen, do you mind the arm? Don't it make you
feel funny?'