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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'You're silly. I like it. Any that's you I like. Put it
across there. Put it along there. Goon. I like it, true.'
'It's like a flipper on a loggerhead*5
'You ain't no loggerhead. Do they really do it
three days? Coot for three days?5
'Sure. Listen, be quiet. We'll wake the girls,*
'They don't know what I've got. They won't
never know what I've got. Ah, Harry. That's it.
Ah, you honey.'
'I don't want no wait Come on. That's it. That's
where. Listen, did you ever do it with a nigger
'What's it like?'
'Like nurse shark.'
'You're funny. Harry, I wish you didn't have to
go. I wish you didn't ever have to go. Who's the
best you ever did it with?'
'You lie, You always lie to me. There, There.
'No. You're the best/
'You'll never be old.'
'I've had that thing.'
'That don't make no difference when a woman's
any good.'
*Go ahead. Go ahead now. Put the stump there.
Hold it there. Hold it. Hold it now. Hold it*