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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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she? I think of the damndest things. Look at him,
sleeping just like a baby. I better stay awake so as
to call him. Christ, I could do that all night if a man
was built that way. I'd like to do it and never sleep.
. Never, never, no, never. No, never, never, never.
Well, think of that, will you. Me at my age. I ain't
old. He said I was still good. Forty-five ain't old.
Pm two years older than him. Look at him sleep.
Look at him asleep there like a kid*
Two hours before it was daylight they were out at
the gas tank in the garage filling and corking demi-
johns and putting them in the back of the car. Harry
wore a hook strapped to his right arm and shifted
and lifted the wicker-covered demijohns handily.
- 'You don't want no breakfast?*
'When I come back.'
*Don't you want your coffee?'
'You got it?'
'Sure. I put it on when we came out.9
'Bring it out.'
She brought it out and he drank it in the dark
sitting at the wheel of the car. She took the cup and
put it on the shelf in the garage.
Tm coming with you to help you handle the
jugs/ she said.
'All right/ he told her and she got in beside him,
a big woman, long legged, big handed, big hipped,
still handsome, a hat pulled down over her bleached
blonde hair. In the dark and the cold of the morn-