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ing they drove out the county road through the mist
that hung heavy over the flat.
cWhat you worried about, Harry?*
'I don't know. I'm just worried. ^Listen, are you
letting your hair grow out?5
'I thought I would. The girls have been after me/
The hell with them. You keep it like it is.'
'Do you really want me to?5
'Yes,' he said. That's the way I like it.'
'You don't think I look too old?'
'You look better than any of them/
Til fix it up then. I can make it blonder if you
like it/
'What have the girls got to say about what you
do?* Harry said. 'They got no business to bother
'You know how they are. You know young girls
are that way. Listen, if you make a good trip, we'll
go to New Orleans, should we?'
'Well, Miami anyway. And we'll leave them
'I got some trip to make first/
'You aren't worried, are you?'
'You know I lay awake almost four hours just
thinking about you/
' 'You're some old woman/
'I can think about you any time and get excited/
'Well, we got to fill this gas now/ Harry told her.