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AT ten o'clock in the morning in Freddy's place
Harry was standing in against the bar with four or
five others, and two customs men had just left. They
had asked him about the boat and he had said he
did not know anything about it.
'Where were you last night?' one of them asked,
'Here and at home.5
'How late were you here?'
'Until the place shut-'
'Anybody see you here?'
'Plenty of people/ Freddy said.
'What's the matter?' Harry asked them. 'Do you
think Pd steal my own boat? What would I do with
'I just asked you where you were,' the customs
house officer said. 'Don't get plugged.'
Tm not plugged/ Harry said. 'I was plugged
back when they seized the boat without any proof
she carried liquor/
There was an affidavit sworn to/ the customs
man said. 'It wasn't my affidavit. You know the
man that made it.'
'All right/ said Harry. 'Only don't say I'm
plugged at you asking me. I'd rather you had her
tied up. Then I got a chance to get her back.
What chance I got if she's stolen?'