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'None, I guess/ said the customs man.

*Well, go peddle your papers/ Harry said.

'Don't get snotty,' said the customs man, 'or Pll
see you get something to be snotty about/

'After fifteen years/ said Harry.

cYou haven't been snotty fifteen years.'

'No, and I haven't been in jail either.'

'Well, don't be snotty or you will be/

Take it easy,' Harry said. Just then this goofy
Cuban that drives a taxi came in with a fellow from
the plane and Big Rodger says to him,

'Hayzooz, they tell me you had a baby.'

'Yes, sir,9 says Hayzooz very proudly.

'When did you get married?5 Rodger asked him.

'Lasta month. Montha for last. You come the

'No,' said Rodger. 'I didn't come the wedding.'

'You missa something,' said Hayzooz. 'You missa
damn fine wedding. Whas a matta you no come?'

'You didn't ask me.'

'Oh, yes,' said Hayzooz. 'I forget. I didn't ask
you . . . You get what you want?' he asked the

'Yes, I think so. Is that the best price you have on

'Yes, sir,' Freddy told him. 'That's the real carta
del oro.'

'Listen, Hayzooz, what makes you think that's
your baby?9 Rodger asks him. That's not your