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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'What you mean not my baby? What you mean?
By God, I no let you talk like that! What you mean
not my baby? You buy the cow you no get the calf?
That's my baby. My God, yes. My baby. Belong
to me. Yes, sirV
He goes out with the stranger and the bottle of
Bacardi and the laugh is on Rodger all right. That
Hayzooz is a character all right. Him and that
other Cuban, Sweetwater.
Just then in comes Bee-lips the lawyer, and he
says to Harry, The customs just went out to take
your boat.'
Harry looked at him and you could see the murder
come in his face. Bee-lips went on in this same
tone without any expression in it. 'Somebody saw
it in the mangroves from the top of one of those
high WPA trucks and called up from where
they're building the camp out at Boca Chica to the
customs house. I just saw Herman Frederichs.
He told me/
Harry didn't say anything, but you could see the
killing go out of his face and his eyes came open
natural again. Then he said to Bee-lips, 'You hear
everything^ don't you?'
CI thought you'd like to know,' Bee-lips said in
that same expressionless voice.
It's none of my concern/ Harry said, 'They
ought to take better care of a boat than that/
The two of them stood there at the bar and neither
one said anything until Big Rodger and the two or