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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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three others had drifted out.  Then they went in
the back.
'You're poison,' Harry said. 'Everything you
touch is poison/
'Is it my fault a truck could see it? You picked
the place. You hid your own boat.'
'Shut up,' Harry said. 'Did they ever have high
trucks like that before? That's the last chance I
had to make any honest money. That's the last
chance I got to go in a boat where there's any
'I let you know as soon as it happened.'
'You're like a buzzard.'
'Cut it out/ Bee-lips said. 'They want to go late
this afternoon now.'
The hell they do.'
'They're getting nervous about something.'
'What time do they want to go?'
'Five o'clock.'
Til get a boat. I'll carry them to hell/
'That isn't a bad idea.'
'Don't mouth that now. Keep your mouth off
my business.'
'Listen, you big murdering slob/ said Bee-lips,
'I try to help you out and get you in on some-
thing ...'
*And all you do is poison me. Shut up. You're
poison to anybody that ever touched you.'
cCut it out, you bully.'
'Take it easy,' Harry said.  'I got to think. All